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Marshall DSL100HR 100w Valve Head New 2018 Model

The Marshall DSL100HR 100w Valve Head comes from the latest iteration of Marshall's ever popular DSL range. A 100 watt all-valve amp that is perfect for the regular gigging guitarist hitting all kinds of venues on a regular basis. This head excels both live, for rehearsals, in the studio and even home use thanks it's high/low power settings.
For those who to prefer to run a head and cab set up the all-valve EL34 powered design found at the core of this DSL100HR will give players instant access to those classic Marshall tones at various volumes when hooked up to their speaker cabinet of choice. 
Two footswitchable channels feature (selectable with the included single button footswitch); Classic Gain - taking you from clean tones up to classic drive sounds - and the Ultra Gain channel for those that want heavier tones. 
For tonal shaping there is a newly tweaked 5-band EQ with bass, middle, treble controls and more plus the added versatility of two master volume controls and access to Marshall's own built-in reverb.
On the rear of the unit there is an FX loop, footswitch socket, a new SoftTube designed emulated headphone/line out (emulating the classic 1960 cab) and the adjustable power output - allowing you to take the DSL100HR down to from massive 100w of headroom to more usable rehearsal, recording or easy break up volumes!
The Marshall DSL100HR takes previous Marshall DSL generations and improves in it, making for an even more versatile amp that still delivers bags of that classic Marshall valve tone!
DSL Series
Two seperate master volume controls 
Gain and volume per channel
100 watts
Dedicated resonance control
EL34 valves
High and low power settings
Softube Emulated output

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