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Terrill DC16 'Grasmere' Deluxe Custom Luthier Built Guitar Made in The UK


This wonderful hand built Terrill is a great example of top quality British craftsmanship using top quality woods. Terrill is a Lake District based luthier with a real feel for the woods he uses. Terrill's excellent and unique guitars now have a cult following, so join now before this instrument are still affordable. All their guitars have the Terrill Palm Fit Profile that works so well to give what seems like a standard LP profile neck an easy thinner feel to your playing. This one is the best one yet and sounds amazing with great sustain. The workmanship on this beauty alone warrants a price tag in the thousands, so this great looking custom made guitar is a bargain?




  • Tuners Hipshot grip lock open gear.
  • Pick-ups Seymour Duncan JB & Jazz humbuckers.
  • Volume & tone controls 500k ohm CTS long shaft.
  • Fender style bridge with through body stringing.
  • Switching standard Neck – Bridge – Both.




Through neck construction, composite solid body, with a rear neck multi profile that fools the hand into thinking the neck is thinner than it actually is. 

Neck construction is of a hyper core with wings of Cumbrian Ash. The hyper core is constructed of 11 sheets of 1.5mm Birch Aeroply (3core) and 2 sheets of 6mm Birch Ply (7 core). This is then given the neck taper before the wings are applied.

Head stock again a hyper core, with thick hand cut veneers of Cumbrian Ash.

Neck to head stock joint has been made as long as possible to increase to rigidity of the joint, to improve sustain.

Fret board is of American Hard Maple, with a compound radius of 20inch to 16inch at the nut.

Frets are modern jumbo sized. 22 installed.

Fret markers are of Purple Heart, as is the truss rod cover.

Dual action truss rod fitted and is used to assist the string tension in raising the neck up bow, as the strings alone cannot deflect the neck to the required shape. Basically the neck construction is stronger than the pull of the strings alone.

The body wings are of Cumbrian Ash backed with Birch ply, carved both front and back for comfort.

All wiring cavities are lined with copper tape.

All surfaces of the guitar have been finished with Danish oil & Turpentine, 8 coats over 7 days and finally finished with a Bees wax polish. This finish means that “what you see is what you get”, as in you cannot hide any errors in the construction of the guitar. It also allows the wood to sing to its fullest potential. 

All our guitars have a Gold Service before we allow them to leave!!

  • A new set of stings.

  • String height, truss rod and intonation adjusted.

  • Polished frets.

  • Lemon oiled fingerboard (If applicable).

  • Electrics checked and serviced.

  • A final polish of the guitar before delivery.


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